Fathers are critical to the fabric of society.  While the overall fabric can withstand a few stags of absent fathers, when the snags become to numerous, the fabric unravels.       

When the rate of fatherless homes in a community is low, another father can at least be an example.  While those few children without a father are disadvantaged, it is mitigated with so many other fathers around.
The government's policies that reward young mothers with government aid when she does not have a wage earning father in the house highly encourage fatherless homes.  Moreover, this is compounded when these homes are grouped together.  There are communities with very high percentages of fatherless homes. This has proven to be highly destabilizing with major negative effects on education, crime, employment, and many other societal ills. 

Click here to read about Bill Haley's journey though fatherhood.
Discipline comes from discipleship. While occasionally this may come with a firm hand, it primarily comes from the modeling of Godly men throughout life. 


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